Welcome to my world of Philippine Arts & Culture

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Ang PilipinasThis is mainly focuses on my fascination in Philippine Arts and Culture! The Filipinos (aka Pinoy) have diverse culture and talents to be recognised around the world. They are dedicated, hardworking and family-oriented people…

Mabuhay and enjoy the hospitality of Pinoy through my blog!

  1. Rey, too bad the google document with your Filipino quiz didnt work when I was trying to answer.
    I am not sure if the problem was from my end, I did hard though but sadly I was not able to write something. It seems the document was locked.
    Will be back some other time 🙂

    Enjoy your trip to Pinas. Take care.

  2. Hi! This is Rei Alba, Web Content Editor for The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

    Nasa Manila po ba kayo?

    The NCCA would like to invite you, along with other bloggers, for a lunch this March 27 ( Tuesday) with our Chair Prof. Felipe de Leon, Jr., and Executive Director Emelita Almosara at the NCCA.

    May I ask for your email address so that I can send the e-invite and map? Thank you very much!

    Or email nyo po ako sa

    • Hi Rei, yes Im permanently based in Manila now. Thanks for the invitation but I will be in the province at the end of the month starting 25 March till March 30. Well, Im interested to find out what will be the agenda of the lunch meeting with Chair Prof. de Leon Jr. I will email you. All the best.Reymos

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